HiTRUST.COM Inc. was founded in November, 2013 as a holding company that oversees:
  • Beijing HiTRUST - EMV standard secured payment technology enabler
  • Websurf - Ecommerce and digital marketing technology solution provider
  • i-DOU - Membership reward program and ecommerce operator
  • HiTRUSTpay - Data intelligence technology innovator
By competence above, HiTRUST integrates all enterprise resources and unifies business development strategies. In the field of secure payment and member rewards service, we have accrued rich experience and won the recognition and trust of our clients. Furthermore, establishing cloud-based hosting service, HiTRUST steps into the international market and reach out for global cooperation.

Meanwhile, we harness artificially intelligence tools to advance our solution and service. Innovation in risk management and personalized financial service needs helps HiTRUST’s clients to turn the data into business outcomes and conduct their business plan from data-driven view.

Artificial intelligence is steadily making its way through the payments and financial services world. The mission of HiTRUST is to ensure the changes will make a better future for our clients and their customers.

The HiTRUST formula

Leverage AI technology to analyze the big data from payment as well as membership service and apply the outcome to innovative business.

Step1:Data aggregation
Collect user data from HiTRUST payment solutions, member data from rewarding program, supplementary data from our clients and partners.
Step2:Big data analysis
Utilize big data to conduct market research.
Step3:Solution innovation
Integrate step 1 and 2 and apply data into software and solutions tailored for finance.

Development guideline

Business philosophy

• Based on success in Greater China, expanding to international market.
• Win-Win strategy, all customers are HiTRUST’s partners.
• Leading innovator with strong and talented R&D team.
• Sustainable vision, lasting success.